Open euhcure tournaments at the Hoover center every third Thursday will reume this winter.












Reserving the Hoover Center

If you'd like to reserve the Hoover Center for upcoming events, please contact the Village of Glenford office and leave message.  740-659-2009.




To reserve shelter house at Shelly Park


call Tom Phillips PH:659-2106



Glenford Cinema

Located across the street from Glenford Elementary at the Hoover Center.

Monthly movie free to the public.  $.25 popcorn.  Drinks and candy  available. 

Movies start at 7:00 pm.  

Next movie will be
Saturday,  Dec. 13th 7:00 PM.
***Sewer hook up information meeting
Wedneday, Dec. 3rd
6:00 PM
at Hoover Center.